RM of Baildon #131

About RM of Baildon

The Rural Municipality of Baildon #131 is a local government area located in the province of Saskatchewan, Canada. It is situated in the south-central region of the province and covers an area of approximately 819 square kilometers. The municipality is home to a population of around 600 people, who live in the communities of Archive, Baildon, Buttreess, Crestwynd, Leakville, and Levuka.

The RM of Baildon #131 was established in 1912 and named after the Baildon District in England. The area has a rich agricultural history, with farming and ranching being the primary industries. The region’s fertile soil and ample water supply provide an ideal environment for growing a variety of crops, including wheat, canola, barley, and lentils.

The RM of Baildon #131 is governed by a council of seven elected officials, including a reeve and six councillors. The council is responsible for making decisions on behalf of the municipality and ensuring that services and infrastructure are provided to residents. Some of the services provided by the municipality include road maintenance, waste management, and fire protection.

In addition to its agricultural industry, the RM of Baildon #131 is also home to a variety of natural attractions and recreational opportunities. The region’s scenic countryside and rolling hills make it an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts.  Head south of Moose Jaw on highway #11 and you will get to the Sukanen Ship and Pioneer Village Museum.  The Sukanen Ship Pioneer Village & Museum is dedicated to the preservation, restoration and display of artifacts reflecting the rich and varied history of Saskatchewan in a manner that allows the public to experience the past for their education and enjoyment.

Overall, the RM of Baildon #131 is a vibrant and thriving community that offers a high quality of life for its residents. Its strong agricultural industry, natural beauty, and friendly atmosphere make it a great place to live, work, and visit.

RM Staff

Carol Bellefeuille

Tracy Edwards
Assistant Administrator

Garth May

Jered Sisetsky
Utility Person

Vern Moffatt
Patrol Operator

Jeremy Kolendreski
Patrol Operator

Council Members

Terry Anthony

Dennis Shortland
Division One Councillor

Phil Huntley
Division Two Councillor

Kristine Hanlan
Division Three Councillor

Jeff Lewis
Division Four Councillor

Jerry Kaiser
Division Five Councillor

Ron McDonald
Division Six Councillor

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