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Open Burns – Fact Sheet

Open Burns – Fact Sheet

Feb 1, 2024

Health and Environmental Effects of Open Burning of Refuse and Other Solid Wastes

The open burning of certain wastes has scientifically been proven to produce air toxins. Saskatchewan’s Environmental
Management and Protection Act (EMPA), 2010 oversees incinerators and fuel-burning equipment, and prohibits the burning
of trash, garbage, industrial waste or any other material or waste.

The Environmental Management and Protection (General) Regulations identify the burning of many types of waste as an industrial activity that
may only be done with a permit.

Section 13 states the burning of any of the following substances constitutes an industrial activity:
· waste or spent lubricating oil and spilled oil or oil production by-products;
· hazardous substances and wastes;
· motor vehicle tires;
· animal carcasses and animal manure;
· railway ties and other wood treated with wood preservatives;
· waste materials from building or construction sites;
· trash, garbage or other waste from commercial, industrial or municipal operations;
· materials containing rubber or plastic; and
· materials disposed of as part of reclamation operations.

Regular incineration will not destroy these substances. Open burning, which occurs at low temperatures in oxygen-starved conditions, whether
on the ground, or a burning barrel or similar structure is not approved incineration for these materials.

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